Psychological Assessment Laboratory

Friends and Family 4

Friends and Family 4 is a study that was recently completed by MS students Amy Pastva and Amanda Sizemore.  This project used a sample of Villanova undergraduate students to investigate variation in the expression of personality traits and coping styles across two social contexts. 

Specifically, the researchers are examining whether students see themselves differently while living on campus at Villanova as compared to when they are home.  To do this, they collected self-reports from the students that were contextualized to the home and school settings.  Additionally, the students' parents and peers provided ratings of the students' coping styles and personality traits.  If trait or coping style differences are seen across contexts in the students' self-reports, then the validity of these differences can be tested using the ratings of informants from the two contexts (parents at home; peers at school). 

The results of this study will provide a greater understanding of the stability of personality across social roles and settings and whether traits and coping styles differ with regard to the strength of social-contextual influences.